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Rules for Me

This post inspired a blog here.  For the record, I signup Craig Ballantyne’s email list but didn’t register any of his paid programs.

Most of his emails are about creating internet business to achieve financial freedom. More than 10k income per month and working at anytime you want on subjects you interested. This is an attractive concept, I am still half believe half suspicious. His emails will constantly ask you to signup for his mastermind program. With varying strategies, like deadlined VIP access, seat limited discount, success stories from real or fake stories, it is quite attempting to signup for his consultation.

However at the moment, I want to focus on my own target and find out my own path first. Hence I am not quite moved by his salesmanship. A few month later, if I still stuck with my current situation and I need to work on my prime startup and require some cashflow to maintain my basic living standards, I will consider such kind of offers (from him or others) more seriously.

Back to the subject, his post about the rules he live by, linked at the beginning, do let me reflect rules that I should pose on myself. Here it comes (some valuable rules in his post will be cited here for my own as well):

I will accept the consequences of my actions. Decisions that have been made are not to be regretted, accept whatever comes, improve, fix, learn from it.

I will not gossip or speak badly of others, no matter who I am with or what environment that I am in. I will not be negative when it is easier to be positive. I will not hurt others when it is possible to help.

Get one thing done a day. Set a target and review how did I spend my last 24 hours. Everyday is important, I make sure I don’t waste it and totally lost track on how I lived by.

Do not shame of what I have done, do not do what I am shame of. Face the world with courage and live with a peace in mind. Be honest to myself as well as the people around me. What I do represent who I am, who I am decide what I do.

Always take notes on what I read. Reading has a purpose, either for practical reason or for spiritual reason. It is to transform others experience and knowledge to my own, not to forget it later.

Wake up at the same time every morning. Life is an on-going process, everyday consist of the same 24 hours. I should constantly and consistently improve and grow myself.

Do not afraid of failure, always challenge myself. There is no guarantee in this world. If I want to do something that make a difference to the world, I should not wait until all the resources are ready and all the obstacles have been cleared. As one of my childhood friends told me, estimate your worst case, ask myself can I accept that honestly. If yes, go and do it.

If not me, who? If not now, when?



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How to Use Lambda in Python

First Python supports Functional Programming, which means you can pass a function to another function to do something.

def subFunc(x):
return x%3 == 0

result = realFunc(subFunc, range(2,20))

Lambda is to replace subFunc with an anonymous function, eg

result = realFunc(lamda x: x%3 == 0, range(2,20))

Second Lambda can be used to replace constant inside a function

def add_const(n): return lamda x: x+n
f = add_const(2)
g = add_const(3)
print f(10), g(10) #result 12, 13

F, G are different function share similar logics.

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