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The Happy Running Girls

My wife and I wandered downstairs after dinner last Saturday. Quite a few people living in the neighborhood were enjoying themselves. Some were jogging around the garden with the favorite music in their ears. Some were stretching their bodies with community facilities. Some were chit-chatting with their neighbors. People who prefer to stay away from the electronic worlds and keep distance from alcohol found their moments of relaxing and peace. Indeed, while the temperature was cool and the wind was flowing gently across, it was such a lovely evening for busy parents, young couples, pets lovers, etc.

Just about half way we wandered around the garden, two sweet laughing fly across the corner. Then two little girls with their eyes narrowed, mouth wide open, arms stretched upward appeared at the corner. We quickly stepped aside and gave the path for the two little girls. The parents who pushed a stroller with their new born inside steered their wheels at the side walk. Another older couples further behind also tightened their dog cord so that they won’t blocked the girls.

It seemed that the 1st girl was chased by the 2nd girl and the 2nd one try to catch the first one. But the girl in front didn’t seem to care whether to be caught and the girl behind didn’t bother to run faster either. They staggered along the pave, wagged their braid. They never looked aside for people who cleared pave for them. They simply laugh and ran along the path.  They disappeared at the end of the pave shortly, but their laughing still stayed around our ears. 

While their sweet voice finally flew away, I looked at my wife with a simple smile, and she smiled back to me naturally. Then I looked back towards the couple with their new born with a smile, and they nodded back with a smile already in their faces. I turned back and continue the walk with my wife. We talked about the two little girls, and envied their unconditional happiness. As a result, the rest of our trip was not just peaceful and relax but also smiley and cheerful. I believe the new born couple would have the same experience because of their best wishes to their baby while their walk restarted. And I have no doubts that the last couples who were walking their dogs would experience similar change of mood. 

I was amazed by the power of these two happy running girls. While the walk at Saturday evening walk is a way for adults to avoid their daily hassles, it was just a cool night that they can happily run or chase along a quite and safe pave without being interrupted. They are so happy about running together that they don’t have to excuse anyone who need to stop by to give them the path. And the people who step aside are not only so ready to accept the priority of the girls but also happy to see know their laughing continued because of their choice.


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