Stay Happy With What You are Doing

Some take away from yesterday’s conversation with another entrepreneur.

Your team and yourself should work happily not stressfully towards your target.
If a problem has been solved by others, there will be a way. If you worked so hard and still failed, step back and think alternative solutions. Working hard is not an excuse for miss a target.
Enjoy the process of learning and growing, always exploring a more efficient way to your result, don’t just burry yourself in the tasks.
Stay productive, more importantly be creative.

Stay absolutely confident and modest
Stand your view while listen to advice. Get rid of your eggheadedness

Find a process that can free your manpower.
At certain stage of your company, try to formalize and stabilize your method of growing. First, trial, fail, summarize what you have done, and choose an effective process.Then, familiarize the process so that your team get more things done in less time. This is when the team should explore the next stage of growth


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