Heading 28 – Summary version

My first 18 years are about “The Exam”. It was the clear grand target defined by parents, teachers, and the society. I made different kinds of experiments and countless effort in order to score well in the final exam that will lead me to a more prestige university. Sometimes, I went off track and indulge myself into games. Sometimes, I explored workarounds so that I can skip the final exam. I met important people that shaped by personality and destination to pursue.

The following 5 years in college was about locating my passion. I flew to another country and left my old memories and networks at home in order to avoid the sadness from broke up my immature romantic relationships. The obvious target disappeared and no longer defined by others. I switched courses a few times and finally identified areas that I want to focus and devote in. I met my wife during this time. The new relationship altered my perception to the world and supported me to go through many ups and downs. I felt supported even during the darkness moment since then.

After graduation, I spent another 3 years to master skills to survive in corporate and sharpened my saw for my own journey. I increased productivity by grasping the sense of urgency in business, enhanced my technical skills and communication skills as professionals. I met people who shared the same vision and worked on projects we passionate about.

And now, after 27 years of exploration and preparation, I am about to raise the sail and blow the whistle. It is the end of the beginning of journey. The more exciting part is coming.


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