Courage to Live Plainly? No

Few days ago, I read a post shared by friends on Renren about the courage to face your plain life. It is originate by a back-packers who has just graduated and join the workforce as a young professional. The author points out that the young generation are eager to express their identity by doing all sorts of different things. They dress differently, travel to different places and in different manners. They seek for their uniqueness and afraid to be ignore or be treated as just anybody. Then, the article quoted a passengers the author met on the train, at the end of the day, we all go back to reality and live a common life. It is important to have to courage to get settled and live a common life.


In a society that people wanted to get famous in order to fulfill their ego, this article received a lot of positive comments. Some people genuinely express what they feel because they are the humble without ambitious type who just wanted to live peacefully without worrying too much. In my opinion, this people are lazy mentally. (Different from those who are lazy physically and eager to make the world a better place.) Some people put their support because they want to be viewed as humble. They are the person try to look good in other people’s eyes no matter what suggestions or views are given. They are afraid to give different voice that potentially make them look aggressive or less-welcome.


I agree with some facts stated by the articles, but do not think “the courage” is something we should promote. It is similar to the traditional confucian dogmatic that we should live as nobody and just accept what the society, or worse the powerful and the resourceful given us. We work as ants and die in the dust. We consumed what we have created or more that we have created without making the world more affluent. And I think that is  wrong but just not good enough.


Of course, I do not mean I think people who wasted resource or sacrifice their own or others reputation to achieve something that just worth for others to gossip should be recognized. In fact, I think they should be suppressed and make them unknown and unsung, so they their little expectation to be gossip is vanished. Their behavior are causing harm and damage they they think are good for them.


So what we should do, I think is the follow our own dream. We should keep growing ourselves, striving to achieve something beyond the enjoyment of physical needs. In this process, we are not fighting against each other and wasting ours and others time to be gossip or gossip. We seek our uniqueness and a peaceful meaningful way. We live in a society that is common for everyone else but uncommon for ourselves. We maybe nobody to others, but we will be somebody to ourselves.


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