About My First Promotion

A lot of things to write, but dont know where to start.

First, I get promoted early this week. It is a long waiting promotion as one of my colleague phrase it. Yes, it came late about half year base on my expectation, but with a surprise. As there are quite a number of candidates on the waiting list, I can image the fight my boss had in order to help me. It comes with both his recognition and expectation. Luckily I still have some buffer time to show him my appreciation. If the promotion comes half year later, I would either let him down, or block my own plan. It would be a wrong time.

It isn’t a very proud thing as many people have made higher achievement at my age with wider exposure. It is important for me in the sense that I mastered the skills to survive (not prosperous) in corporate.  It would lend me more credibility to convenience my parents on the path I chose. They have always worried about my future, worried about how well I am going to live. (So worried that, they still from time to time deposit some money to my account, or find other excuses to give me pocket money.) With this promotion, though they still feel it would be much easier and safer to climb the corporate ladder, they are willing to let me explore. To be frank, they never reject my own decision, but I still prefer to make them feel better before I actually step out the world unknown to them as well as myself.

On the day my promotion is announced, we got one production issue. Some big guys screams and demanded explanation and fix by the day. I am not able to paste his email due to legal issues, but it was pretty rude. I chatted with his team, (I am pretty close to that team of users), “Did he eat shit last night?”, “No, this morning” replied.  😀

Well, as he screamed so loud and made everybody hear his words, we have no choice put follow all the formal admin process. Everybody is called on to fill in forms, setup environments, generate reports, chase for signoff, obtain permission to deploy, engage with vendors, arguing on when and how to deploy… Boom, the nice Fri is gone. This is the thing I hated most in corporate, when things go wrong, as minor as 1 line of code that caused some duplicate records in the reports, people focus their resource not on get the problem solved, but pointing fingers and try to scream as loud as possible in order to identify who to blame. Whenever I met or heard such stories, I strengthen my belief that in the information industry, big corporates do not represent the most effective and efficient production relationships. People need to work on their dreams not their money.

Some learning point about this issue.

  • Build good relationship with your users, most of the time they are on your side.
  • Have a clear understanding on procedures and take actions quickly.
    • Clear the admin stuff clean and fast, it will facilitate approvers get back to you.
    • Demonstrate your understanding of the whole process and the business impact will keep Governance mouth shut.
  • Plan for future action when process error is spotted
  • If the boss support you, you need to prepare all the artifact to back him/her up. Managers also need support and materials when the talk.

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