What Happened in London this Summer

The following are thoughts I got and when I watched or heard about related to the Olympics.

Opening ceremony

  • The ceremony start with the beginning of industry revolution lead by the country. It is very touching and reminded people about the great contribution from British on civilization and modernization. Village and prairies are occupied by factories and railways. Farmers and shepherd are converted to workers and citizens. Civil rights and relations with the loyal families are established in a typical English gentleman way. It also remind us the treasury left by Shakespeare, one of my favorite authors. It is quite an inspiring beginning.
  • While honor their leads in modern society, I couldn’t stop thinking about the rise and fall of the world following their needs for commercialisation, capitalization, colonization, and war. It may not be appropriate express such themes in a world wide events. But the undeniable fact is that Britain make itself the Empire that the sun never sets. It is their pride built upon the pain and humiliation of the rest. Any arguments on that brings civilization and modern thoughts to ancient systems is not worth reading.
  • Following the same history line, great recognition and honor should be given to the courage and sacrifice by the people during World War 2. The only country, pulling all its resource and reserves in fighting against the Axis. They used their blood as well as wisdom to save the world that eventually lead to what we have now.
  • As the ceremony continue, modern Britain emerged. High-tech, hip-hop, childcare service. They are all great achievements that make Britain still one of the great power in the world. However, from all those happy dancer, children, and celerities, the following part simply make me bored. Yes, they do have super stars like David Beckham, Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, JK Rowling, and probably the Queen and James Bond and other bands or singers. The whole performance just seems more like a party or concert. It doesn’t feel like an events that is anticipated by the world every 4 years and prepared by the hosts 6~7 years ago. My impression? The British don’t really care about the events or they are really in deep trouble both financially and emotionally. The facts that they are welcoming the world and attracting the attentions of billions of people worldwide do not excite them. “Olympics? Who has the time and money? Let’s just do a budgeted backyard party.
  • I fast forward and jump ahead quite a few times when I watch the recording on Youtube. 3 quarters to the ceremony, I started searching for Open Ceremony for Beijing Olympics and watched again. It may be costly, but it make me proud. And I believe it impressed the world.
  • Some add-on: the Olympic Torch is extinguished during relocation on day 3. Careless, irresponsible, save cost?

Ye Shi Wen

  • This kid is really talented. She swims so fast at the last 100m that really blow my mind. And I feel strongly, the gold medal for female will be hers in the next few years, until the next genius grown up. She only competes against herself.
  • Her rumors? You can make use of whatever quotes, facts, statistics from anywhere you like. She has the medal and it is made of gold. 😀
  • I appreciate Ian Thorpe’s comment when he replies BBC on this controversial issue. He said, we should make the testing process more vigilance and make it as fair as possible, so public will celebrate athletes’ performance in the pool, not instinctually suspect they are using drugs.
  • For her country and fellow citizen, support her and cheer for her. She is the pride and brings honor to the country you reply on.

Lian Xiang & the Badminton Team

  • The athletes have done their best and tried all means to win the medal to make the country pride and celebrate.
  • So stop criticizing their spirit or decisions, there is a rule (fair or biased) behind. It makes them choose what they have done.  They had won medals and contributed to the country. Have you?

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