My Animated Product Demo – Scripts

Last Tues, I explored the idea to create a self-made animated video to promote products.

Some few useful steps are introduced by Grumomedia who has helped many YC startups to create their promotion video. Rather than spending 3~4k and outsource it, I decided to create one myself. It will be tough but I think it is an necessary skill for startups in SG as we dont have access resources many Silicon Value guys enjoyed.

Writing has always been a challenge for me. The scripts took me more than 3hrs to complete and it is in Chinese. The main reason for the challenge, I believe is, my own understanding about the product.

Who are our users? What do they concern? What are their experience or current situation that make them want to use our product? What are the features we can offer? What are the advantages we have compare to existing products?

The good thing about writing, as I always believe but not often  executed, is you can solidate your ideas and share them easily. You have to really think through all the questions you face before you can complete your stories. Otherwise, most of time, the answer you think you know may only stands on the sand. When you are really questioned my friends or investors, you will scratch your head and try to defend yourself on the spot.

It is very hard to argue with your own mind. Writing, instead, can free up some of your memory and  give you more mental capacity to argue against yourself.

Furthermore, once you complete your writing, you can send to your partners to review at their convenient time and give them the buffer to think about it rather than argue at the same time while both of your thoughts are pre-mature.


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