Some Thoughts after NTUV Makan Night

NTUV has organized an sharing events about Sara Blakely who is featured by Forbes as the youngest self-mad billionaire

Some thoughts may have been long stated else where, but still worth record here for refreshing and reminding.

Embrace what you don’t know

    If you do not know something along your journey, you should think of it as a good opportunity. As a fresh starter, you can learn creatively on how to solve the problem you faced
    Put your passion in it and learn from the beginning critically

Do not need to share your ideas with your friends, families or colleagues for validation purpose

    This is quite counter-intuitive than my original understanding. As she explains, most of time, they dont understand what you are talking about or where is your idea coming from. Hence you receive doubles or wasting your time try to explain to, or worse argue with them what you are going to do. And at the end of the day, you may feel “may be this is not really a good idea”
    Instead, if you have an idea, you should validate them with your customers. You should be clearly identify your customers/market and the problems you are helping them to solve. You should take actions to ask or observe you customers

Ask for Forgiveness not permission

    This cannot be stress more and has been mentioned by many advisors. And I totally agree on this. My belief is, rules are set to the personal who follow them.

Fred offered some additional tips after the sharing sessions about entrepreneurship

VC and Investors are looking for

  • Differentiation of your product
  • Your customer and market
  • Scalability of your idea
  • Your team

How do you decide when is crossing line for your venture?

    When you have nothing left in your bank account and intend to use credit cards
    Think twice before you really need to use your credit card

How to stay perseverance?

    List down 50~60 reasons why you cannot reach your goal or complete the journey. Do it 21 days. Think about any reasons you come-up with.
    Then ask yourself, are these a validate strong reason that I should give up what I have dreamed?

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