Tools to Know Websites

I am trying to locate a good web hosting service with flexible plan and strong technical support. As the web is so cluster with different solution (by search “web hosting” in google), it really give me a big headache to make the decision. Then I realize, the best solution is to learn from an existing popular or successful sites. By understanding which service they choose, we will get a pretty good benchmark to cater to my own business.

After an extensive search on how to find out more information about others site, I encounter a few handy tools — Get you to the contact information about the domain owner. If you are really keen to get the domain from them. — It will show you the hosting service used by site. It even provide comparison and reviews about 300+ hosting services. Highly recommended!! — Find out who is hosting with you. This is also a way to evaluate the capacity of you hosting service. Of course, it also determined by which  hosting play you choose.

DoubleClick Ad Planner — Give you the detail analysis of the site traffic, even the breakdown of visitors bio-geo information. There are actually many more tools too analyze traffic data like this,  this, and this post. But Double click is the most detail and simple one to get started for me. — This one is interesting but you may not worry about this most of time. It will actually whether your site can be accessed around the world like China. Unless you are a popular with potential sensitive content why do you care.

Good luck with your business and site creation 🙂


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