Sales in FoodCourt

This is Really Good For You While I was having breakfast down stairs this morning, I met this gentleman who tried to connivence me that I need to remove my mole in order to live a better life.

First I dont really buy what Fung Sui says and second I dont trust him can do a good job in removing my mole. But he is very persistant, and open a picture that shows the “meaning” of all the moles in human’s face. He then pointed at one of the mole in my face and try to convenience me it represents back luck and poverty.

I said thank you and started to eat my breakfast. The gentleman didn’t just leave even I had shown absolutely no interest. He told me his clinic is just down the street, it takes only 20mins to remove the mole, it cost only $$(didn’t even hear clearly). I said thank you again and mentioned to him I dont really need it. However, he didn’t seem to hear me, and repeated the same speech several times. Each time I have to make my tone stronger “No thank you. I really dont need this” I can’t remember exactly how many times we repeated this cycle. Finally he gave up and walked away.

Just when I prepared to eat, I noticed him walked to another person at the next table and started the same pitch. Initially, I thought he approached me because I do have an obvious mole right under my mandible (a big potential customer of course). As he approached people having breakfast in the same foodcourt one after another, I realized he was targeting everyone. Though I couldn’t hear all his pitches, his gestures shown they were the same. No surprise, he didn’t get any customer after about half an hour. I doubt he even get any listener who at least remember what his clinic name is and where it is. Well, I guess, he didn’t even tell us. It was just down the street?

I started to this blog in order to learn something and record my thoughts based on my everyday experience. So here is what I get:

Do not shy about making your pitch, there are always people listen.
Do prepare your pitch, people will lose interest a few seconds you open your month.
Make consistant trial, but dont always use the same method.

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